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Bring light, colour and the ancient symbology of sacred motifs into your home with one of these beautiful light catcher doorways.


One-of-a-kind, hand crafted light catcher doorways depicting three of the house motifs at Talliston. Choose the Oak (symbol of inspiration), Butterfly (symbol of transformation) or Bumblebee (symbol of industriousness, organisation and dedication).


Each piece is cut and painted with black enamel, then the design is scratched off. Kiln fired at 650 ˚C to make the designs permanent and weatherproof, then piece is then copper foiled and soldered. The blackened patina is applied and scrubbed to an antique gunmetal finish. Each light catcher is hung from copper wire and topped with a glass bead.


Dimensions: Approx. 6 cm L x 1 cm W x 8 cm H

Talliston Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Stained Glass Light Catcher [Motifs Edition]



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