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These handcrafted limestone pendants are inspired by prehistoric Malta and hand carved with images from the ancient temples and sacred sites of the island.


Made from found local stones in and around the coastline, lakes and rivers, each unique piece comes with a descriptive label focusing on the origins of the design. These include the arrow, bird, face, solar wheel, star chart, star and sun & moon.


Hand crafted by Maltese artist and artisan Felix Aquilina from found and scavenged objects and materials found on the Mediterranean islands of Malta, Gozo & Comino. His work is inspired by prehistoric artworks found in the Neolithic temples and sites, each collection being physical manifestations of the artist's deep connection to ancient Maltese culture.


To ensure you receive exactly the right pendant, please include an image of the talisman with your order.


Dimensions: Approx. 5 cm L x 5 cm W x 2 cm H

Talliston Country of Origin: Malta

Neolithic Stone Talisman



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