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This truly exceptional range of silk scarves is inspired by traditional Asian artworks from The Himalayas (Tibet/Bhutan), Korea, China, Japan and India. Each exquisite printed silk square comes in five incredibly beautiful designs, each in two complementary colourways.


The lotus flower scrolls and foliate border of the Ming Scarf are both classic designs of the renowned porcelains of Ming dynasty China, regarded as a golden age of Chinese rule and splendour. From large dishes and bowls to jars and stem cups, numerous masterpieces were produced under the patronage of the imperial court. So popular and influential were the underglaze blue wares in particular that they have become almost synonymous with the splendour of imperial China.


Using a striking palette of white, blue and ruby red, this velvet silk scarf measures a generous 86cm square and is finished with rolled edges.


Dimensions: 86 cm L x 86 cm W

Talliston Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Luxury silk scarf [Ming Edition]



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