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In every room within Talliston you will find members of our grist of bumblebees. One of the house leitmotifs, these remarkable creatures are symbols of industriousness, organisation and dedication. The bee's perseverance reminds us that no matter how great our dream, through the challenge of hard work, we can all achieve the impossible – while also making time to savour the honey of our labours.


These 100% European tri-fold linen napkin add a touch of elegance to any table. Each is embroidered with a golden bumblebee, set in a light blue wreath of laurels and crowned with a fleur de lys.


Machine wash and iron flat for a crisp look. Also available as a large towel.


Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm

Talliston Country of Origin: Italy

Bumblebee Embroidered Linen Napkin

16,00£ Prix original
12,00£Prix promotionnel


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